• I am prioritising my pre drawn designs which can be found here

  • A non refundable deposit will be required for all appointments without exception.

  • I am currently only taking on pieces in my chosen style. For
    reference, visit my instagram page.


Please provide all of the information asked below in your request to sammiejonestattoos@gmail.com

  1. Brief descriptions of your ideas

  2. Placement on the body - Please provide an image of the placement if possible

  3. If your tattoo is a rework, coverup or covering scars please include this and an image, where possible, in the email.

  4. Please specify if you wish for you tattoo to be in colour or black and grey. Please note, i work only in my chosen style. 

  5. Your availability. Please note, I do not work Sundays and I am not currently offering any Saturday appointments to new clients. With no exceptions.