1. How do I book in with you?

All enquiries are dealt with via email at
sammiejonestattoo@gmail.com or my new tattoo enquiry form, which can be found here.
I currently do not use any other social media messaging to book appointments. 

2. What should I include in the email?

  • A brief description of your ideas with your desired size and colour scheme.

  • Where possible, an image of the area wanting to be tattooed.

  • Reference images for your design.

  • if the area is covering an old tattoo, scars or next to an existing piece.

  • A good quality image of the area wanting to be tattooed.

  • Your available days.

3. How much does a tattoo cost?

There is no simple answer to how much a tattoo will cost. Most artists will always try to accurately quote based on the information given. The more detailed you are in your description the better! Most tattoo styles differ in the time it takes to create a piece of the same size, so it's important to discuss any expectations you have with your artist about timing as well as costing.

4. What should I do in preparation for my appointment?

There are many things you can do in preparation for your appointment. Below are some of the things you can do/consider before getting a tattoo that will help the process.

  1. Get a good nights sleep.

  2. Don't drink alcohol the day before.

  3. Eat a decent meal in the morning/afternoon of your appointment.

  4. Moisturise the area in the days leading up to your tattoo.

  5. Inform your artist if the area you are wanting to be tattooed has recently been sunburnt.

  6. Inform your artist if you are unwell in the days before your appointment.

  7. Discuss the use of numbing creams and aesthetics before you come to your appointment. Many artists,including myself, have preferences when it comes to the use of these. It can affect the outcome of your tattoo.

5. How do I heal my tattoo?

Every artist will likely tell you a different way to heal your tattoo. There is no one healing method that will heal every tattoo the same. Different styles and skin types may require a different method to what you have done previously. It is always advisable to discuss this with your artist.
Tattoos never look great while they're healing, but if you feel like your tattoo doesn't seem to be healing well, always check back in with your artist. Providing a clear picture in a well lit environment will help the artist get back to you quicker. 
After your appointment your artist will tell you the best way to heal your new tattoo. Below are some general do's and don'ts! 

  1. Always wash your hands before touching your fresh tattoo.

  2. Don't use soaps or moisturisers with added fragrance.

  3. Keep pets and pet hair away from your fresh tattoo​! If your pets sleep in the same bed as you, it is advisable to change your bedding.

  4. Don't pick any scabs or flakes, they will come off naturally when they are ready.

  5. Do not soak or go swimming while your tattoo is fresh. Your artist will advise you on the appropriate time to wait.

  6. Avoid all direct sunlight on your tattoo for the duration of it's healing.  Even once your tattoo feels healed, the skin on top is new and  so you should be mindful of sun damage in the weeks/months afterwards. Always use the highest factor sunscreen you can.

  7. Your immune system will be working hard to heal your tattoo in the days/weeks afterwards. Keeping hydrated and eating well will help your body do the work!

  8. Once your tattoo is healed, regular moisturising will keep your tattoo looking as vibrant as possible.